The trainee program

Data Scientist or Big Data Engineer

An intensive one-year program kick-starting your career as a Data Scientist or Big Data Engineer.
4 days a week at a client, 1 day per week at Xomnia HQ

Professional guidance

Full support of Xomnia’s

  • Senior Data Scientists
  • Senior Big Data Engineers
  • Data Driven Innovators
  • Business domain experts

Training program

A fully packed training program to improve

  • Technical skills
  • Business and project skills
  • Industry specific skills
  • Personal skills

Knowledge sharing

A knowledge sharing set-up with

  • Xomnia’s Data Science team
  • Xomnia’s Business team
  • Xomnia’s Xpert Sessions
  • Fellow trainees
  • Professionals at the client’s side

Technical backbone

The right technical facilities

  • High performance computing network
  • Powerful Big Data analytics platform
  • Hadoop backbone (one of the Netherlands’ largest clusters)

Traineeship program starts every quarter of the year with a class of 6 trainees

Xomnia Facilities

Accelerating Data Science capabilities


Knowledge sharing by training tracks, brainstorm sessions, informal get-togethers or simply by asking each other to improve business, project, and technical skills.


Get connected to Xomnia’s network of technical partners, professors and universities, highly innovative companies, data scientists, big data engineers and data driven innovators.

Technical facilities

Gain access to Xomnia’s powerful high performance computing network built on a Hadoop backbone (one of Holland’s largest clusters) with a state of the art Big Data analytics platform.


As part of the Xomnia family, an international team of social, ambitious and highly skilled talent you’ll enjoy a great start-up vibe coming together with team activities, events, boat trips, a summer football team, (gaming-)parties and many many more..

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Benefits for companies

The program provides in-company access to rare Data Science knowledge

Xomnia is credible in finding you the right Data Scientist or Big Data Engineer

Trainees hold a data science related MSc or PhD degree and will boost your data science department from the start

Recruitment by Xomnia covers a shared candidate approval process

Professional guidance by the whole Xomnia organisation to secure the right progress

Access Xomnia’s knowledge and experience on data driven innovation

Costfree take-over is possible after the traineeship period

Access to Xomnia’s client network of like-minded data driven innovators

Trainee references

I like the idea, of working at a big corporate, and receive training every Friday in a small group. This training day is fully tailored to match our needs in soft- and hard skills, and gives us the possibilities to share knowledge among other trainees. With nice weather, the friday afternoon drinks are hosted on the boat. Is there a better way to start the weekend?

Robbert van HintumAcademic background: Human aspects of Information Technologie
Boosting: NN

What really strikes me is that all the trainees are driven, eager, and pro-active. Everyone is looking to learn as much as possible, which makes for a stimulating and motivating environment. I also like the fact that we have a great deal of influence on the training program, allowing me to learn what I want to learn. Oh, and the Friday afternoon drinks are always fun

Frederik TijhuisAcademic background: Operations & Technical Management
Boosting: Delta Energy

The Xomnia Data Science Traineeship enables me to reveal the value of data in a non-technical organization (a municipality). The training days help to gain knowledge and discuss both day-to-day and big problems. It is the ideal package for exploring and exploiting data science.

Pieter MarsmanAcademic background: Artificial Intelligence
Boosting: Municipality Nijmegen

Xomnia talents offers us a perfect mix of guidance by senior data-scientists, assistance by fellow trainees and relevanttrainings by the best in the field. Plus the opportunity of applying aforementioned to challenging projects.

Laurens KoppenolAcademic background: Artificial Intelligence
Boosting: ProRail

“What I really enjoy about the Data Science Traineeship is the informal atmosphere. Because of this, everyone is able to ask questions and help each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.”

Ruben LagewegAcademic background: Business Analytics
Boosting: BelVilla

“If you're attending Xomnia's traineeship, you'll always be looking forward to Fridays. The training sessions are inspiring, the people are knowledgeable and the atmosphere is fun!”

Jerome CremersAcademic background: Artificial Intelligence
Boosting: Reckitt & Benckiser

For me, as a person who loves to learn and to tackle problems, the Xomnia traineeship feels like a privelege. Every Friday I have the chance to work on new techniques and play with data. I think it is also very important to have this kind of knowledge sharing, especially in a rapidly evolving field of expertise like data science.

Mijke van den HurkAcademic background: Artificial Intelligence
Boosting: National Police

Trusted by

We are an international and fast growing company always looking for talented people. There is a lot of opportunity for (personal) growth and this is also one of the reasons why we are a big fan of the training and coaching approach of Xomnia. In addition, our trainee has helped out a great deal with our data science capabilities.

Bret Kelly - Chief Technology OfficerLeisure Group

"The senior guidance our trainee gets from Xomnia helps both the trainee as well as us to brings the use of data science on a higher level within our challenging and complex organization."

Ron Boelsma - Innovation ManagerNationale Politie

We feel very lucky with our trainee. With his open mind and innovative way of working with data he made it possible to make a step forward in a data driven organisation.

Paul Geurts - Big Data PioneerGemeente Nijmegen

Two guys, the Xomnia Trainees, since October last year are for us the perfect way to get data science more incorporated in our daily business. Xomnia is commited on the guidance and brings the best to Delta.

Michel Koornstra - Head of TradingDelta Energy

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